Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's been a long time since I've posted. But some azzclown at named Michael Takiff published a sickening anti semitic screed about Eric Cantor and how he is an embarrassment to Jews. Actually the self hating anti Semite Takiff the Jew is the embarrassment.

Here's his column w my fisking in italics.

These days Eric Cantor is steering the United States Treasury to default (ahhh the sole powerful Jew is sending us into default even though Obama and Pelosi could have avoided default for two years by passing a debt ceiling hike) -- and the world economy to catastrophe (The Jew is causing the economy to go into catastrophe why? )-- as he defends to the death the sacred right of corporate jet owners to amortize their aircraft over five years instead of seven.( Is it wrong that the depreciation schedules are 7 years rather than 5? Is that the Jew’s fault? Is that why the deficit is 1.5 trillion annually? And why did the Jew vote against the accelerated depreciation schedule along with every other republican when it was passed by both Gentile and Jewish Democrats in 2009 with nary a Republican Vote? Didn’t Chuck Schumer (D) (Jew) (Big Nose Obnoxious) (NY) tell us we had to pass that stimulus bill to keep the economy from collapsing? Wasn’t the Congressman Jew Anthony Weiner telling us we had to have that aircraft depreciation schedule so as not to fall into the abyss?) Not long ago he was giving George W. Bush all the credit for killing bin Laden.(Gee I guess the Nazi couldn’t google the phrase “ Cantor praises Obama, Bush for bin Laden killing” elst he might have gone to non partisan congressional paper the Hill and seen the following story: By Jordan Fabian - 05/02/11 12:01 AM ETHouse Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) on Wednesday credited Presidents Obama and Bush for the killing of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.
"The man with the blood of more than 3,000 Americans on his hands, the man who forced us to begin to think the unthinkable - is now dead," Cantor said in a statement. "I commend President Obama who has followed the vigilance of President Bush in bringing Bin Laden to justice." It took all of .21 seconds to find that quote. Incidentally, if the nazi author’s lie that Cantor the Jew gave all the Bin Laden credit to Bush, would that make Cantor a bad Jew? ) See that’s the problem with Anti Semites and non journalists. They don’t bother to research their claims, they just throw up anti semitic smears. And I didn’t go to journalism school but the phrase “I commend President Obama sounds eerily like credit for President Obama who despite his extension of the Bush tax cuts, the surge in Afghanistan, the leaving of Gitmo open, and a brave new war against Libya, and deficit spending that make Bush look like a piker is most assuredly not President Bush)
. Before that he was threatening to shut down the government over the budget bill (Is that bad? Should he not of done that? Is that something only Gentiles can do? Damn Jews are always threatening to shut down the government and supporting those that do. Why that Damn Jew Senator Kohl supported those Wisconsin jerks who left the state to shut down the Wisconsin Senate and prevent a law from being passed.)
Earlier he claimed that the House of Representatives could make law without the approval of the Senate or the president. (Did he? Do the laws of citation of quotation cease to exist in the nazi publications like National Stormfront?) Yes Yes Yes this evil Jew Bastard Cantor is shutting down the government and that evil Herb Kohl too. Gas them those Jew Bastards!!!

Am I the only Jew in America who finds the House majority leader deeply embarrassing to our people? Am I the only tribe member who considers this smarmy yutz today’s numero-uno shonda fur die goyim? You tell em righteous brother Adolph. Wait. What? The author of this neo nazi crap is a Jew? Senator Jew Kohl is a Democrat? Oh this isn’t the National Stormfront or Der Sturmer, this is Salon and the author purports to be a Jew by the name of Michael Takiff Ook he’s an anti semitic self hating Jew but he gets the yellow star with Cantor and Kohl and the rest of us. As for the smarmy numero uno shonda for the goyim, my vote goes to Mr Takiff, if he is in fact Jewish.
Shonda what?
* * *
My father used to tell us a morality tale. Not long after the events of November 22 and 24, 1963, our rabbi attended an interfaith meeting of clergymen from our midsize New Jersey town. He later reported to his congregation a conversation he’d had at the gathering. “The Protestant minister,” Dad would say, “said to the rabbi, ‘I see one of your people got Lee Harvey Oswald.’ Jack Ruby was Jewish, you know. [Right, Dad, I know from the other 18 times you’ve told me the story.] And the rabbi said, ‘Yes, and I see one of yours got the president.’” You see the point is to show the bigotry of the minister for pointing out the faith of Jack Ruby. What the minister did is bad. As opposed to the non bigoted behavior of Takiff in the introductory paragraphs above.
It was an article of faith among American Jews of my parents’ generation -- people who came of age in the 1920s, ‘30s, and ‘40s, when the best country clubs and colleges and suburbs and law firms still remained unpolluted by the Hebrew menace -- that the bad example of any Jew (e.g., Jack Ruby, né Rubenstein) casts disgrace on every Jew (yes it was an article of faith even though it was a bigger article of insecurity and self loathing and lacking in common sense) even though no one generalizes about Christians on the basis of a single bad apple (e.g., Lee Harvey Oswald). (Or even a string of bad apples: “Man, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson ... all the way to Clinton and Bush and Obama. Those dirty Christian bastards control the government!”) Our shtetl-minded insecurity survives today (only among the self loathing. Many of us are not concerned that Bernie Madoff ( Jew, Liberal Democrat, is a Jew and some of us if we were counting bad Jews because we are liberal bigots might rank him as a bigger “shonda” than the highest ranking Jew in the history of congress)-- if not among all of us, if not as centrally in our lives -- when anti-Semitism, in the West, anyway, is but a bad memory. (Right, Mel Gibson, Oliver Stone, Julian Assange, Helen Thomas, John Galliano, and Charlie Sheen?) This is a two for one dose of stupidity by Takiff the Jew. For I don’t count Jews I count liberals. In his list the one non liberal is Mel Gibson who is a complete nut job. The rest, to the extent they are Americans are safely in the Democratic camp. So Takiff the Jew is more embarrassed by the Republican Jew than he is by the rogues gallery of comfortably anti semitic asshats that agree with him on political issues. Second, guess who’s missing from his list of anti Semites? Any and all members of Al Qada. I presume it’s because Takiff the Jew is much more concerned with the ramblings of a senile hag like Helen Thomas or the attempt to bring fiscal sanity to the US finances than he is with people who actually want him dead due to his religious upbringing.

When a Jew is publicly bad -- especially publicly really bad -- large numbers of the rest of us Jews cringe. That Jew becomes a shonda fur die goyim -- a disgrace for the non-Jews, an example for the gentiles to latch onto as evidence that every one of us is out to control their banks, run their newspapers, and make matzoh from the blood of their children. Think of the long list of Jewish financial miscreants of the past 25 years -- Ivan Boesky, Mike Milken, Bernie Madoff, the gonifs at Goldman Sachs. Let’s see, rich Jewish financiers screwing millions of ordinary people -- gee, that doesn’t play into any pernicious stereotypes about Jews, does it? (Another list of bad Jews who also were Democrats. Notice a pattern here? Bad, liberal Jews cause us to have to worry about a terrible conservative one. “I have a dream that my four little ... will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” That’s the difference between liberals and the rest of us. Liberals are still judging on the color of skin. We , have to look at skin colors for college jobs, we count bad Jews, Obama is black , we need women on the supreme court etc. MLK hoped that we wouldn’t be counting anymore. So conservatives stopped counting and look to the quality of the person. Meanwhile Takiff the Jew is worried about Cantor the Jew. I’m not concerned that Takiff is a Jew. I’m concerned that he has vapid and dangerous ideas. If we don’t police Cantor, some group will judge us by him. I certainly hope that gentiles don't judge me by Takiff the Jew. Now THAT would be a shonda.
It’s gotten to the point that when I read about a swindler who is not one of us I’m ecstatic (more counting ethnicities by the bigot, not to mention, perpetuating a stereotype. Way to go dumbass, Jews are thieves and swindlers. Brilliant!!!. A while ago the New York Times reported on the trial of an allegedly crooked defense contractor named Brooks: “A goy!” Amazing, it’s blatant bigotry. There is one scenario where we don’t count by color. That’s when a friend of Jihad kills people. Then it’s judgmental to count. I said after reading the first paragraph. “Thank goodness. Keep reading.” I did, drooling with schadenfreude. Oh, this was a juicy one: According to the charges, he and another employee pulled down $190 million via stock fraud. To top it off, his company, which makes body armor for our troops in Afghanistan, allegedly paid out more than $6 million to cover his personal expenses, including plastic surgery for his wife and pornographic videos for his son. Let us celebrate the bad behavior of a despicable human being. For he is not a Jew!!!!

But then came one last example of his obscene conspicuous consumption. The guy spent millions -- hiring 50 Cent and Aerosmith as entertainment -- on his daughter’s bat mitzvah. Bat mitzvah? So Brooks isn’t Brooks at all -- he’s Brodsky or Bernstein or Bergman or Buxbaum, whose grandfather changed his name years ago so he could be one of the goys. Such a shonda! Whoops. Now the deal is worse because the reprobate is Jewish. Still not as bad a guy as Cantor though. Oh well.
And the neocons. Oy, the neocons.(Neocon is a buzzword amongst anti Semites forJew at least when counting Jews of that ilk for purpose of disparagement) Do so many of these momzers, so keen on sending other parents’ children off to war, have to be tribe members? Ken Adelman, William Kristol, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Robert Kagan, Elliot Abrams, Scooter Libby, and the Podhoretzes. That’s such an impressive counting of the Jews. You know who else counts Jews? Nazis and jihadists. And when Obama the Black and Petraeus the White male send surges into Afghanistan or declare war on Libya sending other parent’s children off to war, that’s not a shonda for Takiff the Jew. In fact it’s noble to attack places like Libya so long as the attack isn’t coming from the brain of a Jew.
And then there’s Anthony Weiner, that putz. I just see Weiner as a typical liberal politician who also was a sexual degenerate which unifies politicos on both ends of the spectrum.
* * *
Okay, so maybe in 2011 the only non-Jews who care about or even notice the religion of the inside traders and the neocons are the whack jobs on the Internet (and self hating, anti semitic Jew authors from salon), with their Jew Watch and their Zionist Occupational Government and their nostalgia for the good old days of Uncle Adolf. But I notice. Because what bothers me is not only -- and not even primarily -- the imputation of guilt by association that might be delivered by the world at large. More, it’s that the publicly bad Jew fails to live up to the ethical standards that we Jews, as Jews, should live up to. (As a side note, the author hasn’t shown one whit of the so called ethical standards of being a Jew whatever they might be. To this point he has counted Jews, and suggested or implied that we should not worry about bankrupting the country-which would be blatantly unethical by any moral compass, or killing bad guys who want us dead because oh, by the way, the Jihadists happen to count Jews just like like people from Jew Watch and Salon magazine authors.)

In other words, Ivan Boesky, you should know better. In other words, William Kristol, reread the list of sins -- the al chaits -- we reel off on Yom Kippur. In other words, Eric Cantor, didn’t you learn anything from your upbringing? Were you out on your shul’s front steps enjoying a smoke when your rabbi sermonized about the Jewish obligation to lead an honorable life? Kristol and Cantor, right winger non criminals are equal to greedy, left wing thief Ivan Boesky. I guess Takiff the Jew missed the part about bearing false witness too. I’m still waiting for a mention of the gay pimp, Barney Frank who gave us the Fannie and Freddie Mess but maybe he’s mentioned later.

Evidently you didn’t learn, because if you had, you’d share my belief that just as Jews should not stage multibillion-dollar Ponzi schemes (why are Jews singled out for multi billion dollar Ponzi schemes? I think nobody should stage them but then I don’t count color and religion), so they should not threaten to bring about world economic calamity for no better reason than to curry favor among a bunch of mouth-breathing fanatics who don’t know a principle of economics from a pulled-pork sandwich (this is the end of the road for Takiff the Jew. Cantor wants to create world economic calamity-stupid falsehood number one, to win favor of fanatics- stupid falsehoods number two and three from people who don’t understand economics-stupid falsehood number four. As a further aside, I would take this time to point out that whether you agree with the Republicans or not, we are non the brink of bankruptcy because we spend too much. Takiff the Jew seems to believe that the status quo or the status quo plus shorter jet deduction schedules which Barney Frank the Gay Jew and Obama the Black gave us is the reason we are on the brink. Is it offensive to mention that Obama is black? You’d understand that a man who counts himself among the People of the Book, a people that has won Nobel Prizes in a ratio as much as a hundred times its share of the world’s population, should not dismiss the learned opinions of credentialed economists who warn of dire consequences should Congress not do its duty and protect the full faith and credit of the American dollar. “ The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies.
Over the past 5 years, our federal debt has increased by $3.5 trillion to $8.6 trillion.That is “trillion” with a “T.” That is money that we have borrowed from the Social Security trust fund, borrowed from China and Japan, borrowed from American taxpayers. And over the next 5 years, between now and 2011, the President’s budget will increase the debt by almost another $3.5 trillion. Those are the words of Senator Obama the Black. Shaming his people by refusing to raise the ceiling afther the debt had climbed to 8.6 trillion. Obama the Black won a nobel prize after that but Cantor the Jew is a disgrace to an entire religion. You’d know, without being told, that pointing a gun at working people everywhere and threatening to pull the trigger unless you get your way is immoral. You’d stop bullshitting everyone and admit that you and your fellow Republicans in Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling, with no conditions, seven times during the tenure of the last president from your party. Takiff, booby, republicans both Jew and gentile alike have said they’d raise the debt ceiling, the last time the debt ceiling was raised, the total debt was 8 and a half trillion dollars less than it is now that Obama the black, Frank the homosexual and Pelosi the woman stuck us with deficits we can’t ever hope to pay back. And booby, that stimulus money from two years ago, that was to grow the economy not keep pay for social benefits right? We can stop spending that money can’t we? Since Obama the black and Reid the Mormon promised us it would go straight into the economy.
But that’s not all, Eric. What you’d know, above all else, is that Jews should not be Republicans. Well Jews should not be the idiotic description of Republicans that Takiff the Jew thinks Republicans are because some Jews such as Takiff think Republicans are bigots counting colors and races and greedy fat cats. But the Republican party is far more sympathetic to Israel than Obama the black, Geither the white tax cheat, Congerssman Ellison the Muslim or Hillary the woman who adores Syria. Democratic party used to be the party of JFK the Catholic who fought communism and espoused tax cuts, Truman the white guy who murdered millions of Japanese with a bomb, and Clinton the white, gentile perjurer (perjurers incidentally of the presidential kind are thankfully never Jews nor Republicans) who though he played the class warfare card, cut capital gains taxes and gave lip service to living within his means fiscally.
Some decades ago Milton Himmelfarb wrote that Jews "earn like Episcopalians but vote like Puerto Ricans." It was true then, it’s true now. Jews are still the one substantial ethnic group in our country that, on the whole, doesn’t vote its wallet. Not to over-praise the Democrats, who are way too cozy with Wall Street and whom we often support for no other reason than their nonmembership in the party of Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Pat Robertson (and despite the membership of Obama the black, Sharpton the black and the racist, Frank the gay and the pimp and Pelosi the woman and the mentally challenged). But the fact is that well-off people generally vote Republican (again no research or proof whatsoever and it’s patently false. The uber rich like Buffett, Gates, Spielberg, the Google Guys, Hollywood and Wall Street vote Democrat. The salesman, the middle manager at Best Buy, the small business owner, the people who actually produce things for this country rather than take vote Republican) and Jews generally don't, even though we've participated in the American dream, and gone to law school and medical school and dental school and accounting school. (And, don’t forget, we control all the banks and newspapers.) And don’t forget you’ve just written a whole article detailing why it’s in Jews’ economic interests to vote Democrat.
No less an authority than Richard Nixon used to complain to Henry Kissinger -- talk about a shonda! -- that all Jews were liberals Earth to Takiff the Jew, that was 40 years ago. Norman Podhoretz, that shonda, wrote a whole book on the subject -- "Why are Jews Liberals?"
What a waste of ink. I could have told him why in two minutes. It’s because Jews know what a majority can do to a minority which explains why Takiff the Jew, the New York Times and the Huffington Post are such big fans of the filibuster aren’t they? Actually you blithering idiot, it’s because Jews fell in love with FDR and have been slower than most on the uptake to see the damage he did to our way of life. It’s because Jews grow up with burdens unshouldered by most other Americans -- certainly most other white Americans -- burdens of our history, stories of our desperate struggle to maintain the existence of our tiny people in a world indifferent at best, genocidal at worst, tales of Inquisitors and Cossacks and SS men (except blacks, gays, women, Hispanics, native Americans, Irish, Italians, political exiles, etc.)
And that’s why, Eric, if being Jewish means anything it means that we feel for the oppressed, the poor, the powerless. It means that we ask fat cats to pay a few more dollars to the IRS so that we don’t have to slash funding for Medicaid Is that the stimulus was for? To save Medicaid? I assume by fatcats you mean raising taxes on people making over 250 k per year back to the Clinton era. A search of the CBO site will show that’s 70 billion a year out of a deficit created by Obama the Black, Pelosi the woman and Reid the Mormon alzheimered of $1.6 trillion per year. Takiff the Jew thinks this is about 70 billion a year and not the trillions stolen by his co religionists Schumer, Frank, Feingold et al. And I didn’t even mention the health care act. It means that it’s an easy decision when we have to choose between continuing to pay subsidies to wildly profitable oil companies and retaining school lunch programs. Only a liar or a scoundrel would suggest that the choice is between oil subsidies and school lunch programs. I take that back, a simpleton would too. Incidentally, since Obama the Black and Biden the feeble took over the country gasoline prices have more than tripled. How’s that worked out for the poor, downtrodden that Takiff the Jew worries about?
Eric, bubbeleh, put down the hair spray for a minute and pay attention. At the seder table every Passover we talk of freedom, we talk of justice. We don’t talk of cutting funds for the medical care of poor people. We recall that Moses said to Pharoah, "Let my people go." He didn’t say, "Let my people pay a lower capital gains tax." Takiff, bubbeleh, put down the pot pipe for a minute and pay attention. At the 4th of July, we talk of individual liberty, freedom from government oppression and economic freedom. We didn’t fight the King so we could be forced to by health insurance under the very document that denounced taxes and a despot.
* * *
I remember once reading a dishy article in the New York Times Magazine in which two Jews, a Hollywood producer and a Hollywood writer, described a game they called "Dumb Jews." To play they would name tribe members who, contrary to the stereotype and our own positive self-image, were not necessarily the sharpest knives in the drawer.
I submit the congressman from Virginia: I submit Micheal Takiff but he’s too stupid to be Jewish.
"The markets are smarter than to just accept, as you call it, a clean vote on the debt ceiling."
So the markets would prefer this idiotic game of chicken you’re playing?
Q: What is at the table now that is a compromise from your end? . . .
Mr. Cantor: The fact that we have been discussing voting for a debt ceiling increase.
That’s your compromise? Voting for a bill whose non-passage will bring misery to billions of people? That’s your definition of giving something up?
"Again, I don’t think the White House understands how difficult it is for fiscal conservatives to say they are going to vote for a debt ceiling increase."
So members of Congress don’t have to suck it up now and then and cast a "difficult" vote? Can he really be that dense?
On the other hand, maybe Cantor doesn’t believe the stupid things he says. Maybe he’s simply craven, unbothered that he’s building a name for himself by telling lies that pander to the ignorance of the yahoos who attend rallies of the Tea Party. Maybe he’s less a true believer than a cynic when he acts the role of commissar assigned to make sure John Boehner does not deviate from the Grover Norquist party line. Maybe he’s aware that his juvenile self-aggrandizement threatens to bring the nation to its knees -- and just doesn’t care. Maybe he’s not a dumb Jew. Maybe he’s just another bad Jew.
Once upon a time Jews could be good Republicans and good Jews. Jacob Javits, Louis Lefkowitz, Warren Rudman, even Arlen Specter when he was starting out You could have held out Specter as an example of how out of touch you are at the beginning of this article. Was there ever a more craven piece of shit in politics than Specter? Sure, once upon a time honorable tribe members could hold views weighted toward solution of problems through the private sector rather than the public.
Those days are gone. Does the GOP even pretend to care about the poor and the powerless anymore? Even more alarming, does it have any respect for learning? When Pelosi the woman took the gavel in 2007 unemployment was under 5%, the budget deficit was coming down to $200 billion a year, and the total debt was around 6 trillion. Since she and then Obama the Black took over, unemployment in real terms is closer to 16 percent and we now have a debt that we cannot pay off even if we confiscate ALL the wealth of all the fat cats.
The Republican Party is in the hands of bigots and radicals and ignoramuses, people who think default on the national debt would be salutary, climate change is a hoax, and our barely left-of-center president is the reincarnation of Joseph Stalin. It’s in the hands of Christianists, people who hate Muslims now that they’ve decided not to hate Jews. In fact, they love Jews and they love Israel -- because the Book of Revelation tells them that the Jewish state will hasten the day when Christ returns and all Jews are swallowed into hell.
Erickel, you call these people your friends?
Maybe it’s my own generational outlook as a Jew born during the baby boom, but as many times as I see this shmegegi acting as spokesman for his caucus, I still can’t buy that his aggressively, radically goyische colleagues take him seriously. Is he a token, given his seat of power to help convince Americans that not all Republican officeholders are white fundamentalist Christians? Or is he something much less? Is he their mascot?
Boychik, stop embarrassing your people. Stop behaving like a spoiled brat whose parents won’t allow the female dancers at his bar mitzvah to wear Hooters uniforms. If you don’t have a seder to go to next year, come to my house. We’ll review what you should have learned but never did. Be the wise son, Eric, not the wicked son.
Don’t forget to bring your bubby’s chopped liver. Only this time, make it with schmaltz, not lard.
I’m not sure what’s more frightening. That the author be allowed to print in a “mainstream” publication such a vile, anti semitic piece, or that said publication publishes something so vapid and lacking of facts and reason. No wonder we are facing the economic abyss. We have been brought here by people who think like this schmuck. The most bigoted, thoughtless essay in a long time and the author, schmuck thinks those who disagree with him are thoughtless and bigoted.

This my friends is why we have to stop the Obamas and the Takiffs from finishing the bankrupting of our finances as well as our culture.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

It's Blagopalooza!!!!

It's like Christmas, my birthday, and Arbor Day all at once. Our former governor Rod Blago Blagojevich goes on trial today. Blago masterminded a criminal enterprise from the governor's office shaking down concrete manufacturers, congressmen, president elects and most diabolically the CEO of a children's hospital. I'm never able to decide if Blago is deranged, genius, pathological, clueless or some combination of all of them.

We look forward to giving you real news, as well as tidbits, rumors, and hair tips as this endless trial moves forward over the coming months. Kind of makes me wish I'd been offered the 17 bucks a day to be on the federal jury.

Friday, January 16, 2009


You don't pay your taxes because you can't afford it, the taxing entity penalizes you and grabs any assets it can. The state of California over charges you and then says "sorry we can't afford to pay you back".

One of many reasons to be thankful not to live in California. It's like Michigan with more traffic.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Cmte, John Kerry is going to have his first hearing soon. What's the topic? Terrorism? China? Middle East?

Nope. Global Warming. Can't one of his staffers get him a current weather map?

Is this really what we need to be focusing on right now? What's next? A unicorn.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

This In a Nutshell is Why Newspapers are Going Extinct.

This is an opinion column in today's Wall St. Journal. The author writes for the Newark Star Ledger. His hopeless and clueless arguments and lack of knowledge of the subject matter upon which he writes show far more about how irrelevant the old media is than he can possibly fathom.


Newark, N.J.

When my colleague at the Newark Star-Ledger John Farmer started off in journalism more than five decades ago, things were very different. After covering a political event, he'd hop on the campaign bus, pull out a typewriter, and start banging out copy. As the bus would pull into a town, he'd ball up a finished page and toss it out the window. There a runner would scoop it up and rush it off to a telegraph station where it would be blasted back to the home office.
[Cross Country] AP

At the time, reporters thought this method was high-tech. Now, thanks to the Internet, a writer can file a story instantly from anywhere. It's incredibly convenient, but that same technology is killing old-fashioned newspapers. Some tell us that that's a good thing. I disagree and believe that the public will miss us once we're gone.

Yes some people will miss you the way people miss a horse and carriage ride, train travel, 8 trak music players and disco.

Mr. Farmer, who is now the Star-Ledger's editorial page editor, retold his experience of the old days a short while ago at a wake of sorts for departing colleagues. The paper has been losing money and might have had to shut its doors sometime early next year. So the drivers' and mailers' unions made contract concessions, and about 150 nonunion editorial staff took buyouts as part of an effort by the publisher to save the paper.

The Star-Ledger is among the 15 largest newspapers in America, and it circulates in some of the most prosperous suburbs of New York City. We are perhaps alone among the major papers in devoting extensive coverage to small-town news and sports. We routinely get scoops on what the Steinbrenners are thinking about the Yankees. And in 2005, the paper won the Pulitzer Prize for its sober coverage of Democrat Gov. Jim McGreevey's resignation after his admission to an adulterous affair with another man.

The problem is that printing a hard copy of a publication packed with solid, interesting reporting isn't a guarantee of economic success in the age of instant news.

Or maybe, among other things, the problem is one does not need a newspaper for instant news. In fact one cannot get instant news from a newspaper.

Blogger Glenn Reynolds of "Instapundit" fame seems to be pleased at this. In his book, "An Army of Davids," Mr. Reynolds heralds an era in which "[m]illions of Americans who were in awe of the punditocracy now realize that anyone can do this stuff."

No, they can't. Millions of American can't even pronounce "pundit," or spell it for that matter. On the Internet and on the other form of "alternative media," talk radio, a disliked pundit has roughly a 50-50 chance of being derided as a "pundint," if my eyes and ears are any indication.

The type of person who can't even keep track of the number of times the letter "N" appears in a two-syllable word is not the type of person who is going to offer great insight into complex issues. But the democratic urge expressed by Mr. Reynolds is not new. Someone is always heralding the rise of "the intellectual declaration of independence of the American people," as H.L. Mencken once put it.

Got that dummees. We kant not spell write so we kant do what the author does. The aforementioned Mr. Reynolds is a professor of law. He can do anything a newspaper writer can do. Unquestionably, if he wished to, he could do it much better.

In his 1920 essay "The National Letters," Mencken traced this sentiment back to the early days of our democracy. He noted how first Ralph Waldo Emerson and then Walt Whitman prophesized the rise of what Whitman termed "a class of native authors, literatuses, far different, far higher in grade than any yet known." Mencken was pessimistic about this prospect thanks to what he termed "the democratic distrust of whatever strikes beneath the prevailing platitudes."

So a brainy snob like HL Mencken looks down at the masses and so does Mr. Mulshine. Yet Mr. Mulshine uses the lowest common denominator to prove his point. That's right sir. The people taking business away from newspapers are inferior. If I'm not mistaken, that's the GE business model. No wonder that company has thrived for so long.

I share that pessimism. Every time a new medium arises, a new group of avatars arises with it, assuring us of the wondrous effects it will produce for our democracy.

I encountered this back in the early 1970s in my communications classes at Rutgers. Cheap, portable video cameras had just been invented, and I was assured by the bearded professors and grad students that these cameras would lead to a rebirth of democracy. The citizenry would start recording public meetings and the result would be a revolution.

Now see, this is brilliant thinking and we are fortunate to have it shared with us. A trained professional journalist just told us that "the revolution will not be televised".

Equally inane is the premise that a bunch of elitist lefty thinking 60's rejects told their willing lapdogs that will lead to a revolution. There's always a revolution a comin at places like Rutgers school of journalism. I'm sure said school was filled with people with different political views too. People that don't want a revolution don't go to journalism school.

Now we're hearing the same thing about the blogosphere. "When enough bloggers take the leap, and start reporting on the statehouse, city council, courts, etc. firsthand, full-time, then the Big Media will take notice and the avalanche will begin," Mr. Reynolds quotes another blogger as saying. If this avalanche ever occurs, a lot of bloggers will be found gasping for breath under piles of pure ennui. There is nothing more tedious than a public meeting.

After I got out of Rutgers, I began as a reporter at a newspaper in Ocean County, N.J. If the Toms River Regional Board of Education had not offered free coffee, I fear that I might have been found the next day curled up on the floor in the back of the room like Rip Van Winkle. As it was, I only made it through the endless stream of resolutions and speeches by employing trance-inducing techniques learned in my youth during religion class at St. Joseph's school up the street.

The common thread here, whether the subject is foreign, national or local, is that the writer in question is performing a valuable task for the reader -- one that no sane man would perform for free. He is assembling what in the business world is termed the "executive summary." Anyone can duplicate a long and tedious report. And anyone can highlight one passage from that report and either praise or denounce it. But it takes both talent and willpower to analyze the report in its entirety and put it in a context comprehensible to the casual reader.

Talent and willpower. Big value. The low end totem pole jamoke who covers these types of meetings or events is paid what 25k a year? Give our author a Nobel in economics too. Any solid college student writer (granted those are few and far between) can cover a city council meeting for ten bucks an hour. Oh one other thing sharp guy, nobody reads that shit in the newspapers. That's why it's buried in the section with all the rapes and murders but on page seven of that section.

This highlights the real flaw in the thinking of those who herald the era of citizen journalism. They assume newspapers are going out of business because we aren't doing what we in fact do amazingly well, which is to quickly analyze and report on complex public issues. The real reason they're under pressure is much more mundane. The Internet can carry ads more cheaply, particularly help-wanted and automotive ads.

Yes, Craigslist and Ebay and have hurt newspapers. Newsflash, btw how come people who cover the news are so likely to miss it, there used to be multiple newspapers in most cities. When I was a kid in Chicago, we had four. Two am and two pm. I'm not going to research this but I'm pretty sure Craigslist wasn't around when our two afternoon papers disappeared circa 1976.

The reason newspapers are under pressure is because they don't provide "news". Do we need a paper to get a stock quote anymore? The weather? The boxscore of yesterday's game?

So if you want a car or a job, go to the Internet. But don't expect that Web site to hire somebody to sit through town-council meetings and explain to you why your taxes will be going up.

As I said earlier, nobody gives a rat's ass about your town council coverage.

Soon, newspapers won't be able to do it either.

This could be the line that says it all. There is no 25 year old journalism punk that knows more about why our taxes going up than the rest of us do. The VAST majority actually think there's a good civic reason for raising taxes if it's to provide social services or whatnot. Newspapers cannot explain why our taxes are going up because the people writing about the reason have no knowledge, training or experience in why our taxes are going up.

Over the past few weeks, I've watched a parade of top-notch reporters leave the Star-Ledger for the last time. The old model for compensating journalists is as obsolete as the telegraph. If anyone out there in the blogosphere can tell me what the new model is, I will pronounce him the first genius I've ever encountered on the Internet.

I don't profess to know what the new model is. However, I do know this. The new model will not include going through gobs of paper, printing with toxic inks, driving that paper and ink in big trucks to various locales, and having a bunch of information that we could have received on our computer 12-24 hours earlier. I know this much too, if somebody can find a way to receive revenue paying a student to go cover city council meetings and write a summary, it will be done. No doubt for less cost and with better work product than occurs in the Newark Star- Ledger now. Having now had to read and discuss the sanctimony of the author and his lack of critical thinking, I feel a need to sanitize myself.

Mr. Mulshine is an opinion columnist for the Newark Star-Ledger.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The New York Times is still considered the greatest newspaper in America and maybe the world. Perhsps that is all the proof we need that big time journalists are the most insipid people around. If you made it past high school, you learned when writing something factual to validate your sources. How many people at this newspaper failed to verify that a letter they printed was bogus?

Want to know why? I'll tell you anyway. Because journalists are very simple people that cannot carry complicated narratives through their minds. Thus somebody very simple decided that the Mayor of Paris had nothing better to do than trash Caroline Kennedy. This theme will be dominant with Obama. He fits a simple narrative of being brilliant and not George Bush. Anyway, here's the Times' apology.

Published: December 22, 2008
Early this morning, we posted a letter that carried the name of Bertrand Delanoë, the mayor of Paris, sharply criticizing Caroline Kennedy.

This letter was a fake. It should not have been published.

Doing so violated both our standards and our procedures in publishing signed letters from our readers.

We have already expressed our regrets to Mr. Delanoë's office and we are now doing the same to you, our readers.

This letter, like most Letters to the Editor these days, arrived by email. It is Times procedure to verify the authenticity of every letter. In this case, our staff sent an edited version of the letter to the sender of the email and did not hear back. At that point, we should have contacted Mr. Delanoë's office to verify that he had, in fact, written to us.

We did not do that. Without that verification, the letter should never have been printed.

We are reviewing our procedures for verifying letters to avoid such an incident in the future.

You do that bishes. Maybe they'll start teaching how to do that at Sarah Marshall...I mean Lawrence College.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Want further proof that people in the newspaper industry are too stupid to be trusted?

How about this quote from an employee of the Rocky Mountain Daily News which is on the verge of shutting down:

“I am beyond stunned,” said the veteran political reporter Lynn Bartels. “To me, what happened was literally like a ship capsizing in the middle of the night.”

Got that? Mr. or Ms. Bartels is beyond stunned that her employer is about to go the way of the buggy whip maker. Hello? Stupid? The same article states that the circulation of the paper has dropped from 325,000 to 225,000 in about a decade. Got that? Somebody who is covering politics on your behalf is too stupid to realize the paper is in trouble despite losing almost 1/3 of its readers.

Not that the managing people at this Mensa place were any smarter. In that same time frame while losing almost 1/3 of the readers they cut staff from 210 to 199. Yup, a little more than 5%.

None of this would matter much. Loser companies with stupid people go out of business all the time. It does matter though when loser companies with stupid people are deciding what is news and what matters and how it's presented. As for political reporter Bartels, I can only hope that with your lack of self awareness and reporting instincts you do not stay in the reportorial field. Perhaps somebody that dim needs to move up the food chain and run for office.
Destined To Fail.

That would be our incoming president. I know the sycophants in the media think he's brilliant. Most of his stooge voting base probably didn't realize the Democrats already controlled congress before the last election.

I've met the guy. I've worked out with the guy. He doesn't have the chops. Or like the rest of them he's pathological. I don't blame him for that. It's the nature of politics to have to give a speech and say something moronic for the great unwashed such as "We're getting out of Iraq on January 20".

Then he turns around and says like Emily Littella "never mind".

But I digress. You cannot build bridges and roads at government expense to get out of economic stagnation. It has been tried and failed in places like oh the USSR, how'd that work out? It also was tried here in the 30's. Because the political press is dumber than the rest of us, they will continue writing that FDR's great society got us out of the depression. Um no. It didn't. The Japanese bombing Hawaii did.

What Obama is going to do is give money to fellow mopes (Cali gov for example), who already have shown they do not know how to spend or invest wisely. That's right. He's going to take money from say, Microsoft or Apple and he's going to give it to your drunk ne'er do well uncle the loser.

Obama actually thinks this will work. This makes him as clueless as your drunk ne'er do well uncle the loser.

In the meantime if you want to score his effort, you can track the price of the dollar for the next two years.
I'm back.

Not necessarily better than ever. But back anyway.

There's going to be a whole lot of stupidity coming out of Washington with the new administration and the criminal enterprise that is Chris Dodd and Barney Frank. So somebody has to discuss it before going to the reeducation camps.

Lets start with Caroline Kennedy. It's amazing how the sycophants in Washington think she'll be a good senator b/c of some genetic qualifications. She is a dilettante.

Fortunately the people that are well known in poltical journalism get away with writing bon mots such as this from Mort Kondracke who actually gets paid by Fox News for saying shit such as

"The job does involve a certain amount of preparation, of knowledge of how to legislate, and stuff like that. She is going to have to learn a great deal.

She has got great advantages. She has good political genes.

You got that? Sarah Palin was a dumb stump jumper. Unqualified to attend state funerals. Caroline Kennedy has good political genes.

One of the ways we start fixing this country is by pointing out that those who cover politics are even dumber than those in politics and those who are in politics are by nature either really stupid or pathological.

I will be illustrating those concepts in the coming days and months but if you don't already think so, consider that the incoming president wants to build more roads and bail out car companies at the same time he wants to tax us to drive less and use other forms of transportation.

To be continued.....

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